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Internal Gutter Conversions

Internal Fascia and Guttering Systems were popular in the New Zealand Building Industry up to the late 90’s. Many of those houses are now prone to leaks and in extreme cases total failure. This results in water leaking into the home – usually close to window frames or doors. This doesn’t only damage the spouting system,  soffit and interior areas like paintwork, curtains and carpets, it could also lead to dangerous mold build up that could damage your health.

Not only will converting your Problem Prone Internal Gutter system to the more Conventional External Fascia and Gutter system eliminate your leaky home situation, but it will also lift the overall appearance and value of your home. 

Did you know?

The lifespan of Roofsheets and Spouting installed on a building is very similar. If you need to replace/repair/renovate the one, chances are likely that the other will require attention in the near future too. Request an inspection of both – if needed, Scaffold and/or edge protection could be installed in a way to serve both your Roofing and Spouting Projects simultaneously, saving you future time, money and frustration.

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The Process of Converting Internal Gutter